Animal Magic Dog Training Classes

Animal  Magic classes are only open to pre-registered clients.  See below for how to register as a class client and to join us for training.

If you would like to view a class beforehand, you are welcome to come along without your dog to watch any of the classes,  DUE TO COVID-19 THIS OPTION IS ONLY AVAILABLE BE PRIOR ARRANGEMENT.

The classes are intended to be fun and effective.  Teaching will be aimed at showing you and your dog what to do, rather than what not to do. Questions are encouraged.  Don’t be shy; someone else probably wants to know the answer too.

We specialise in everyday good manners, puppies, new owners and sports such as competitive obedience and rally.  Private training is also available for dogs and owners that have specific training or behaviour issues, or those simply wanting a more individual approach. You can book a private session straight into my diary – click here.

Classes should not be used as a retraining school for aggressive or fearful dogs; please contact me for a behaviour consultation if your dog displays aggression or fear towards other dogs or people. This and many other behavioural issues can be dealt with on a private one to one basis. Email me at or book an online session straight into my diary – click here.

If your dog is excessively noisy in a class situation I cannot accept you onto a course as it is too disruptive for everyone else and stressful for you and your dog. Learning simply won’t take place for anyone. Individual training can be offered until your dog is relaxed enough to attend classes (barking is often a sign of stress).  Our new online class or one-to-one options could be ideal for you. Check the online courses or book a one to one training session into my diary.

If you are unsure as to whether you should enrol please contact me for advice. Use our web shop or Facebook page to book a free 15 minute telephone or Zoom chat to explore your options. You can even book your chat directly into my diary!

Numbers in both our physical and online classes are limited to ensure you have the best attention.  Spaces will be allocated on a suitability and first come basis.  If space is not immediately available in the class of your choice you may be offered space in an alternative class or have the next available space reserved for you.  If you are unable to wait, our one-to-one options could be ideal for you.

I look forward to receiving your application and to welcoming you onto the next available course.

Steps To Join Classes

  1. Complete the Registration Form
  2. Register as a customer at the Booking Site
  3. Verify yourself by clicking the link on the email you receive.
  4. Subject to suitability, your registration will be approved and I will let you know which class to book and the date to start.
  5. Book and pay for your classes on the Booking Site

Kind regards,


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