Online Canine First Aid


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As it is difficult for me to arrange groups for workshops and courses at the moment, I have added an online canine first aid course to the shop for you to access.

The course is just one of many run by Canine Principles so take a look at the others they have on offer too.

All Canine Principles online dog courses have been written by qualified professionals with expertise on their chosen subject. Care has been taken to create a course library that is based on only the most up to date dog science. The courses teach dog training and behaviour following the science of positive reinforcement and reward based training.

Classes in a time of COVID-19

It is a long time since I have posted on this blog. So much of my communication takes place via the private Facebook groups now that I often forget to!

I thought I would post out an update of our available classes. I cannot safely teach indoors at the moment but am permitted a very small group outdoors as I have use of private land. I have just one space left in this class (APDT Good Companion Awards & Tricks) tomorrow evening at 7pm. I would prefer a known, established client to have this space.

Most important though is that I have embraced online training and am available for sessions via Zoom. So if you want a one to one session or to get together a small group (3-5) then book up a session to suit you or ask me to write a 4 week syllabus.

Click here to access the Animal Magic Dog Training Online Bookings site.

Stay safe everyone 🙂

EDIT: class space now sold. More online classes going in the shop shortly.

Think! How Hot is Too Hot?


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This is one of my favourite images for provoking thought about dogs and hot weather.  Most of them concentrate on cars or pavements but just being at home, in the garden or on a non-pavement walk still has risks.  This chart helps you consider YOUR individual dogs risk and is one of the few that draws attention to the fact that elderly dogs struggle more than young (+6m) and middle aged dogs.

How Hot is Too Hot Image

Thursday Starters Class May 2018

For the clients currently enrolled in the Thursday Starters class, please note there has been a change to one of your dates.

You have booked and paid for a class on Thursday 3 May 2018, this has been postponed to Thursday 10 May 2018. For anyone unable to make this new date, you can receive a coupon code towards a future booking or, if you are not rebooking, a refund for the cost of one class.

I am sorry if this inconveniences anyone.

This applies to:

Bella, Fletcher, Betty, Alfie Cormican, Esther and Chester

Christmas Meal 2017

All class attendees and partners (including the couple who are off class in December, anyone joining or rejoining in January, students and those special guests who pop along occasionally) are invited to a Christmas Meal at The Whittle, Brockworth GL3 4BJ on 6.30pm Friday 8 December 2017.

Amanda is very kindly organising this for us so please direct all enquiries and bookings to (DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL/BLOG POST AS I AM NOT COLLATING NUMBERS).

You may choose from the Festive Menu (2 courses £10.99, 3 courses £13.79) or the main menu. Link to menus

Please arrange your booking ASAP and ensure that final numbers and payment reaches Amanda no later 8.30pm Wednesday 22 November 2017 (this means you can pay her at class if needs be).


APDT Good Companion Awards Winter 2017


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I enjoyed teaching our winter series of the APDT Good Companion Awards.  It was gratifying to see handler skills and understanding of training methods progress, and to see relationships between dog and handler improve, as well as friendships made between class members. It is highly likely that this format will be repeated next winter.

Congratulations to all the successful candidates, particularly to those receiving the very first Beginner and Jubilee Awards.