Venue Do’s & Don’ts

  • Do remember that Upton St Leonards Village Hall and Innsworth Community Hall do not belong to Animal Magic – we are guests and must treat both venues and nearby residents with respect.
  • Do ensure that if you open a door or gate that it is always closed behind you, whichever way you are travelling. Do not assume the person behind you will do it – check with them first. This is to prevent any dogs escaping.
  • Do keep your dog on a lead at all times unless instructed to remove it by Animal Magic staff. This includes the halls, car parks and field.
  • Do remember to clean up all faeces immediately and take them home. This counts in all areas including the field. If you forget poo bags, ask! And don’t do it again!

Cartoon-Self-Cleaning-Dog-Scooping-His-Poop cropped

  • Do not allow your dogs to pee against buildings – hedges are available!
  • Do park considerately and only in the car parks.
  • Do not allow your dog to frighten or be frightened other dogs or people.
  • Do not approach or allow your dog to approach any dog or person without asking the handlers permission.
  • Do not smoke or use naked flames in any way.
  • Do wear flat shoes that you can run in and suitable clothing.

N.B. These are reasonable rules for everyone’s safety. Clients not observing this list may be asked to leave training immediately and will not be issued with a refund. Sorry to sound so harsh but venues for dog training are very hard to find and we do not want to lose them.

Claire Stewart BSc(Hons) ©2017

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